SPH CASTING SPH CASTING Simone Pereira Hind & Anna Dawson


Simone Pereira Hind CDG

Simone Pereira Hind (formerly Simone Ireland) became a casting assistant to Liz England at the age of 19, working in commercials and on iconic childrens’ TV series Press Gang. As a casting director she shared an office with Suzanne Smith and was fortunate to cast The Ride Down Mount Morgan for Arthur Miller. Simone moved into television working on Spender and then co-cast her first films with Mary Selway; Restoration and Circle of Friends.

Following this, Simone and her sister, Vanessa Pereira, formed Sister Act casting films, tv series, plays and commercials. Having taken a career break she now works from her office in Summerhall.

Simone is a lifetime BAFTA member and member of the Casting Directors' Guild , Casting Society of America and the International Casting Directors' Network. 

Anna Dawson

Undeterred by an early rejection from Les Mis age 8 (still not bitter), Anna went on to study Drama and Film at The University of Manchester. During her studies she commuted to London to work in the casting offices of Julia Duff and Marilyn Johnson. Upon graduating she worked for numerous Casting Directors in London, including Jina Jay and Suzanne Smith, before moving to Scotland to work with Simone in 2015.

Anna now acts as co- Casting Director and associate to Simone and also casts projects independently as Anna Dawson Casting. 

In 2021 Anna co-created and developed a tool with Tagmin and her friend Amy Blair to ensure all actors get an answer on auditions in support of the equity Yes/No campaign - https://yesno.tagmin.com . 

Simone & Anna (post champagne) at the BAFTA Scotland awards 2019